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Arizona is its own anomaly as far as Real estate goes. We here in Arizona have a different perspective in regards to the market and the effects that the economic down turn has had on our state. Yes we have had our share (well not really) of foreclosures. We all now know what has happen and everyone is trying to get out from under the big mess that has plagued our industries for the last year. Do not despair the homes are selling and now is a great time to buy if you are looking to invest now is the time to get in. with prices only declining by 20% and having shot up a total across the board 200% not a bad return and they say historically that any time we have seen this type of incline and then decline  the next one will be a higher peak. So this means the market will not saty this way for years. So if you have been thinking that now is the time to get in well jump on board. Prices are down and there is always a good deal out there.Give me a call David Prom 602 527 9110 lets get this money in your pocket .
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